today’s word: wiredrawn

wiredrawn:  to draw metal out into wire by pulling forcibly through a series of gradually smaller holes; drawn out long and thin, like a wire; extremely intricate, minute or subtle; to draw out at great length; to strain meaning unwarrantably; curious speculations or obsolete erudition.

When his right arm rises, all the force in his veins flows straight from shoulder to fingertips; not an ounce is diverted into sudden impulses, sentimental regrets, wiredrawn distinctions. –Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

The converse of desire 

Her wiredrawn face, so full of something I cannot fathom,
I want to dash into her arms, but can’t, those lips stop me,
thin and candied, like yams or bubblegum blown to near-pop,
and when she looks at me, I die, I absolutely die in place
because I am so taken with her charm that it stills my heart
and makes me shudder, a deep full shudder that takes over
my breathing and stops my heart. And that has been my story,
not her face, but my wiredrawn life, a life in which I refuse
to meet anyone’s gaze with affection, in which I run away,
rather than dash against arms, arms that should hold me
but don’t and can’t. Ah, alas, I cannot be held in place.

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