today’s word: eisegesis

eisegesis: an interpretation of a text, especially of Scripture, that expresses the interpreter’s ideas or biases (as opposed to exegesis); reading one’s own ideas into a text; a subjective interpretation, perhaps even a misinterpretation; sometimes referred to as “poor exegesis”; that which leads away from or ignores the author’s intention. 


A small girl is in bed. She clutches
pink satin. See the wrinkled thumb
tucked in her mouth.

The child dreams of a yellow pencil
with lead dull as a butter knife,
pink eraser nub worn away by friction.

Do not interpret this dream.
Why not crumple it, toss it out, forget it?
As a memory handled by a fist.

If you fancy parables, read her Bible stories.
Tell her this one: Lot’s daughters
fucked their father to preserve his seed,
all three claiming that he was drunk
and knew not whom he was sticking his dick into.

Weren’t these sisters just like every daddy’s girl
who longs to give her father everything she has,
every egg, ripe or not,
every breast–budding, lactating, drooping?


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