today’s word: corybantic

corybantic:frenzied; agitated; furious; unrestrained; drunk; distressed; berserk; maniacal; pertaining to Corybant—a wild attendant of the goddess Cybele.  

Cybele (aka Sybil) was worshiped as mother of all things, or earth mother. The Corybants worshiped her with unrestrained frenzy, emotional processions, and wild dancing.  


how we spoke these things at the end

the bonfire dwindled, embers to warm ash, now cold
no words were spoken and none heard
a small child wedged between our hips could have been drowning
and there she was dancing
what words could not portray
and I didn’t understand
and understandably this was making her angry
so she danced harder, meaner, swifter
corybantic movements syncopated a hurricane
high winds shook the house and blew the walls away
which was when I saw
what it was she wanted me to hear


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