today’s word: marginalia

marginalia: scribbles, comments, or graffiti made on the margins of a book manuscript, or letter; embellishments; nonessential matter. Also, the name of an online, peer-reviewed journal for medievalists; the title of a poem by Billy Collins; and a topic tackled as a worthy subject for blogging by Kathleen Kirk.


I woke up again this morning     nothing has changed      you are still dead
oddball years       drifting             tossed aside          written out of the script
heedless warnings scribbled on receipts, newspaper, paper bags,
furtive annotations that offered false hope, that’s what they call it, right
every time you tried to suicide I would rescue you, sure you said,
just try to grow up in someone else’s home
the foreign language you could not learn
the repressed dreams        hanging naked from rafters
anything unfamiliar   sleepless   anorexia   unable to bury images    green sofa
chipped mugs     nothing yours      nothing erasable     is it enough
to enter this world through your own mother’s body

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