today’s word: purblind

Purblind: partly blind; lacking in vision, insight, or understanding; slow to understand, obtuse.

Choosing the monkey

Was she blind, or merely purblind?
Were there three blind mice, or only two?
Did you catch sight? Was it soft or hard?
Why hide so halfheartedly, do you think I can’t see you?
Do you think I wish to see you?
Do you want to be seen? Really, truly? Or do you want us to lie about it?
White rice or brown? Are you color blind?
Do children sleep, believing there is someone who never sleeps?
What kind of mother wants to make her daughter feel inadequate?
Mother, can you hear me? (Mother, can you hear me?)
Is it wrong to eat meat?  Can a tear lean upon a cheek?
If you had to choose—sight or sound—which would it be?
She is saying something—blah blah blah—I have both thumbs in my ears.
Could I purchase compassion the way an infertile woman goes about acquiring a baby?
If I wanted to listen, I would listen. I’d rather read.
It seems that I’m drawing near an insight. Where is the map?
She looks as if she lacks insight. Don’t you think she lacks insight?
Are you connected or isolated? Do you believe in happiness? Please define.
Is all of this rancor and resentment? Does it matter?
Teach us to care, and not to care.
You can always write me off or write me out of the story.
Do you prefer the wire monkey or the cloth monkey?
You get to decide. Choose carefully.

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2 Responses to today’s word: purblind

  1. teddy says:

    I chose sight.
    I do not believe in happiness that’s lasts longer than one breath.
    And definitely the cloth monkey. Easier to hug.

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