today’s word: xanthous

xanthous: yellowish in color; having light tan or yellow skin (sometimes referred to as ‘high yellow’), or alternatively used to designate those with yellow (blond or auburn) hair and light complexion; jaundiced. 

Tricks of Light

A sagging belly is an exhausted belly,
heaving its rest upon thighs. In the magnifying
glass, the sandstone craters of a seasoned face
shatter light.  Old skin is sallow, turns xanthous,
doubts any future. The body asks for nothing,
waits recklessly for final cravings to fade.

From the bluffs above Eagle Cove at midday,
the sun’s glow-tips burst the water’s surface,
then vanish. This trickery, so stunning. Sudden
beauty, laced with such treachery.

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