today’s word: praxis

praxis: practice or exercise or an art, science, or skill; practical application of theory; convention or custom; often used in philosophical, educational or spiritual contexts. 

Fear of Catatonia

In the summer of ’69, Stillman became paralyzed
in front of a Swanson TV dinner
and had to be trundled to the loony bin.

He had not budged in 72 hours.
He couldn’t answer his own question:
Do I like peas? Or not?

Stillman was once Tranquelle’s lover;
on medication, he claimed not to know her.
She swore never to feel affection again.

Now, she wakes in the morning,
sits on the porch with a cup of coffee, and idles
through the day, barely stirring.    

The fear of catatonia gives focus to her praxis.
Nothing is my utmost contribution, she says.
When she says anything.

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