today’s word: engram

engram: an encoded memory; means by which memories or traces of memory are stored; medical: a postulated physical or biochemical alteration of neural tissue in the brain that represent memories; used by L Ron Hubbard in Scientology to describe the reactivation of latent memories of painful or disturbing events. 

Junett Street

I never mislaid my first street: Rittenhouse.
But where is the engram for this new one?
It’s like a month, is it Juliette? The worst part
is not the kitchen where I cannot find the phone,
it’s finding the toilet in the dark, it’s waking, the where was I?
Just try doing tai chi with a broken hip.
Old folks sit at the table holding paper cups, taking small sips.
Remember those lovely ballet words: glissade, plié, jeté, port de bras.
Will they hire me at my age? Practice saying it: I hate to tell you.
Remember the marinade: 2 cups apple cider, ¼ th cup balsamic vinegar.
In any event, I slipped on ice and had to call in sick.
Remember: kingdom, phylum, class order, false prophet.
I teeter between making lemon curd and trying to remember
what I’m sitting here trying to remember.

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