today’s word: sheepcote

sheepcote: a pen or enclosure for sheep; sheepfold. 


Not everyone loves hummingbirds.

I’ve heard of naysayers who knock down nectar feeders
in neighbors’ yards. New Yorkers detest pigeons; loathe the sounds
of dulcet purling in air shafts. I’ve watched my nephew
lasso a laughing gull at the beach, spurred on by my brother,
who also abhors several species.  I’ve read that Werner Herzog
hates chickens (although I’d bet he eats them), and I know folks
with strong aversions to jellyfish and other invertebrates.
Of course it’s a not a rare bird that is fond of bugs,
but most humans aren’t. Not to mention how people,
sequestered in our respective sheepcotes, hate one another.


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