today’s word: bruit

bruit: a soft blowing or swishing sound heard with a stethoscope over an arterial vessel or organ, related to blood flowing through a narrowed artery; a din or clamor; to spread a rumor.

it was only a dream

the nanny slashed the rugs
then patched them back together mishmash around the house
the milkman stole the laptop
and tore the map of life in two
I tried to protest, but couldn’t clear my throat for all the corn in Iowa
something was jammed, a trickle of chokecherry wine
chafing my windpipe
I couldn’t shake the taste of regurgitated hawk
my heart bruited the news, a bravura broadcast
of my drowning, all the tattered fabric bits were laid
upon my swollen belly and I clasped one half of the map
in my right hand, the other half, left
but never uttered ahem 

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