today’s word: chyme

chyme: partially digested food; a semi-liquid bolus of ingested food once mixed with gastric secretions in the stomach and ready for movement into the small intestine. 

Melancholy Send-off 

There you lay, vomiting the past.
You chymous bolus in my stomach that will not budge.
You psoriatic second skin that thickens my tongue.

Cursed be the idolatry of love, abomination of self.
Banish these thoughts of suicide, odors of dank basements, airless nights,
anger that masquerades as soliloquy, familiar suddenness that strangles.

You were a passel of gifts not given, sweet gestures withheld.
I felt a moment of comfort at your bedside.
I awaken each morning to a dream of being forever awake.

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