metanoia: a profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion; purposeful and fundamental change of mind or heart.

Metanoia in the 60s

Vegetarian guys were loutish, with long dirty hair,
zooming about in yellow mustangs while spooning
frozen orange juice concentrate directly from cans
into their greedy mouths. Hippy-girls dipped French fries
into ketchup and baked mounds of zucchini bread.

Macrobiotic freaks, embracing the gold mine of the times,
would cook down speed in various kitchens
where teenage girls babysat, waving the sweet-rank odor
out the windows before grownups returned.

Brian cooked up some brown rice, which, on LSD, wiggled like little
smiley-face maggots. Until Gloria missed her period,
she didn’t realize that they had (well, he had) fucked. You are all
, he said; and told her, in no uncertain terms,
to get an abortion.

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