fugue: in music: a contrapuntal musical form with several interwoven themes or voices; in psychiatry: a dissociative mental state or condition in which a person is temporarily cut off from her identity and memories, may wanders away from home, and then, after returning to the usual state, remembers nothing of the experience.   

Fugue 0110

If memory fails, if thoughts be hollow
Oh One, One Oh
Leftover crusts, un-chewed, un-swallowed
            Memory serves
Oh One, One Oh
            Thoughts are hollow
Oh One, One Oh
Another year, another failure
Oh One, One Oh
I might mishear, embrace a sailor
            Another year
Oh One, One Oh
            Kill the savior
Oh One, One Oh
What is it like to grow old?
Oh One, One Oh
I am cold, Lord, I am cold
Oh One, One Oh
            Life presses on
Oh One, One Oh
            It’s like this: growing cold
Oh One, One Oh
Imagine growing old, imagine dying,
Imagine selecting the day for your death
Life presses forward, unchewed, unswallowed.
Oh One, One Oh, Oh One, One Oh
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One Response to word-poems://fugue

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    Wow, I was completely unaware of the psychiatric definition. Sounds like what happens to someone who eats jimsonweed. Scary.

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