extremophile: a living organism that is able to live in a hostile environment, such as frozen earth.  

Posted after seeing Dave Bonta’s poem with the same title.


Born in the full darkness
of permafrost placenta, I was installed

with others’ memories, packed to deliver
the genetic goods, then swept aside,

buried deep within memory itself. Sutured
into a sleeping bag of frozen tundra, I shun life

in a temperate zone. I’m intolerant of insularity,
its haphazard manner of speech, all the contact

it entails. I align only with rare creatures,
lemmings and voles, the occasional snow bird

that subsists on lichens. And though I vaguely
remember another time and place, I cannot say

what I am doing here, or where I’ve come from.

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One Response to word-poem:\\extremophile

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    So this is a self-portrait, Risa? 🙂 I like “permafrost placenta,” and of course “sutured” is always a good word to drop into a poem.

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