dystocia: a prolonged or difficult labor or delivery

Why is war?

The child kills time for fifty years, trapped
among mirrors and griefs.  Mimes a word
here and there, her undersea sounds
bubble up like a gurgle or silent howl.

Mom goes to war, conceals her genitals
with tape, pays no mind when they shout
cover your mouth as she yawns with combat fatigue.
She flees men, finds them simply: other.

The child was formed by dystocia. She learns
to wear women’s undergarments, undergoes
a tummy tuck. She hesitates, then forgets to speak.
But oh! the stunning mass of her lips in grams.

Mom deserts the unit. Claims to be
an unspermed goddess, an undercover agent.
She knows what soldiers are all about,
refuses to be anybody’s body armor.

The child knows why mom turned traitor
and why the world can never be repaired.
Her labor will always be a junked car
in the yard browning the grass.

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