word-poem:\\death rituals

The last mourner 

If the eyes float open, you shall close them.
If last rites are not given, the soul shall dwell endlessly in purgatory.
If there is no minyan, the Kaddish shall not be recited.
A rosary shall be placed in the hand and the body sprinkled with holy water.
If the body is buried too quickly, the soul may be lost forever.
If burial is delayed, the soul may be lost forever.
The body shall be guarded from the moment of death until burial.
The body shall be washed clean, rinsed seven times, and shrouded in white cloth.
There shall be no metal nails in the coffin.
Open caskets are forbidden; open caskets are a blessing.
The body shall be in contact with earth.
People are buried among their own people.
You shall not eat or drink near the dead.
Drinking and merriment are encouraged at the wake.
Food shall be brought to the home of the mourners.
The corpse shall be laid on the pyre facing southward near a river.
The body shall be positioned on its left side, facing east.
Three stones are buried.
Jews, apostates, and the excommunicated shall not be buried in Catholic ground.
The practice of wife-burning was formally abolished in India in 1829.
The grave shall be aligned perpendicular to Mecca.
There are 49 days between death and rebirth.|
During the 10 days of Shiva, all mirrors shall be covered.
There is cremation, sky burial, earth burial, water burial.
If there are no survivors, the dead are lonely and forgotten.
Professional mourners shall be compensated.

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One Response to word-poem:\\death rituals

  1. mark says:

    What a sad flow but better to be forgotten than die scorned eh?

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