In this case, capit(al) refers losing your head
For Troy

When you were a child,
more than likely
at least once, maybe often
you were punished
for some misdeed
you didn’t do. You may have been guilty
of something,
but not what you were accused of.
And indeed, while you maintained that you were innocent of the crime,
you were made to feel guilty.

It’s like that, guilt mixed with blamelessness,
bafflement, the horrible injustice of it all
leading to resentment, or worse, blind surrender to power
and it stays with you
and marks all your laurels and fiascoes
from that moment.

Now imagine being at the rope end
of a judicial lynching,
swinging your integrity.

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One Response to word-poem://capit

  1. mark says:

    This helps in understanding our “horrible injustice” and indicates how messed up things are around these parts. How dare they not have a heart.

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