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Signs of Aging 

You may notice the loss of muscle mass.
This means the proportion of muscle-to-fat is steadily decreasing.
If you are well, you weigh more than you did, more than you would like to.
Strength, energy, and speed are not what they used to be.
Your brain loses neurons, kidneys lose nephrons, all major organs shrink.
Most hormone levels decline, although cortisol—the stress hormone—increases.
Cells resist insulin, blood vessels stiffen, and there you are:
on the road to heart disease and diabetes.
Skin thickens and wrinkles, hair whitens and departs.
All of your senses become altogether unreliable, making you wonder
if the universe, as you thought you knew it, really exists.
Lipofuscin accumulates not  only under the skin, leaving brown spots,
but also in the brain which is not a good thing.
Retinas detach, maculas deform, vision becomes distorted, night vision fails.
Deep sleep and orgasm are harder to achieve.
Digestion slows down.
They take the car keys away.
You don’t care anymore.

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