I’ve no one to blame

My Fault 

I drove through a snow storm, flouting safe passage.
You turned me away when I rapped at the gate.
I did it for love.

No, I did it for cash, what coins can procure.
In torrents of rain on an uneven highway,
I did it for need.

The car aquaplaned, skated the median.
I survived the smash and other misfortunes.
I did it to chastise.

Not sure why I did it.  You never saw me.
Showing off perhaps, wanting you to love back.
I did it for spite.

I did it for a brioche, but settled for donuts.
I basked in the thrill of your perfect hash browns.
I did it for breakfast.

I did it for wisdom, the kind you can’t purchase.
The risks seemed worth it.  I held your hand tight.
I did it for sex.

Or the hope of sex. Abandoned cars spun out
all around us. I did it for you. No,
I did it for free.

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4 Responses to I’ve no one to blame

  1. Mary says:

    Wow. Chills. And fantastic to see form from you.

  2. Not quite form, but I’m working on it. Thanks to you.

  3. redmitten says:

    i am witness. the way you’ve been writing. i want to say nothing so as not to disturb what you are tuning into. wow. but wanted to say i am here. wow.


  4. love the movement and sound in this piece

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