Rabbit, February

Rabbit, February

Say it three times, quickly:

Does it make your mouth pucker?
Make you feel as if you are the rabbit?

Still, rabbit is a sign, points to a thing.
A living thing that no more thinks of itself

as Rabbit than you do.  Or think of the word
as a symbol, as in Rabbit, run! 

Have you eaten lapin? Does it taste like chicken?
Have you held a pink rabbit’s foot in your paw for luck?

Then, remember lone February among months!
With its frog-leaping, Sadie Hawking

fables. February, by the way
is only a symbol, derived of 28 other symbols

(or once in a blue moon, 29) in a never-ending stream
of distancing furry touch from what is.

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One Response to Rabbit, February

  1. mark says:

    funny bunny

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