April 20, 2011

A short lesson in immunology

―for Pat

The thymus is a lobulated lymphoid organ that polices T cells.

At creation, we exist within the other,
waiting for selfhood to begin.
Beloved other!  

Before birth, each cell parades
before the thymus, salutes,
and is dubbed self. All else is other.
Beloved self!

T-cells learn to attack all that is other, but
are taught to tolerate self.  That which tries
to attack the self is annihilated by the thymus.
Beloved Thymus!

The thymus recedes by adolescence, leaving us
to identify danger unaided.
The enemy, the other!

Despite preference for self, we install love in others.
Beloved others!

Remnants of thymic cells persist for years,
become addled and attack the self.
The enemy, the self!

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